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Maggi Chicken Flavored Jumbo Seasoning Cubes

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Brand: Maggi

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Makea special rice everyday

RevitalizingChicken flavoured seasoning cube with the natural goodness ofTumeric, Onion and Celery

Howto prepare: Addto Rice, Curries & to stir fry for a delicious meal.

Nutrition,Ingredients,Allergens & Dietary Information

IodizedSalt (47.8%), Flavour Enhancers (Sodium Glutamate, Sodium Guanylate,Sodium Inosinate), Starch, Sugar, Refined Palm Oil, Onion, GlucoseSyrup, Water, Chicken Flavour, Turmeric, Celery, Parsley, Emulsifier:Soya Lecithin (INS 322i). Flavour Enhancers used (MonosodiumGlutamate INS 621, Disodium Guanylate INS 627, Disodium Inosinate INS631.) Contains Nature Identical Chicken Flavour.

Brandwith Purpose

ForIndividuals and Families
Helping people cook the fresh food theylove and believe in everyday

Locallymanufactured; contributing to the livelihood of Sri Lankans.

Productiontakes place in the state of the art factory in Kurunegala whichachieves zero waste disposal

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